The Integrated Spirit
The Integrated Spirit
Amie Tyler


Conscious awakening and heart activation through guided meditation and embodied spirituality.

About Me

Amie Tyler is a spiritual teacher and energy healer, sharing insights to help elevate consciousness and live a heart-activated life.  

Through meditation, psychosynthesis, and quantum energy healing, feel your inner world begin to become your outer world, for a whole, integrated you!

Why You Should Join Me

Join for support on your spiritual path, to find sacred space, sign-up for transcendent meditation, spiritual psychology & art classes, and be part of a loving community with soul-nourishing support. 

Let this be a little bright light in your day where you might pick up just one moment of calm, peace, or connection.

Love & Thanks

I am so grateful for you, and I love you.
"We're all just walking each other home." ~Ram Dass